Fair in Cologne

ORGATEC 2022 impresses companies and trade visitors

So hoch die Erwartungen waren, die ORGATEC 2022 hat sie erfüllt. Ausstellende Unternehmen und internationales Fachpublikum zeigten sich gleichermaßen beeindruckt vom Restart der internationalen Leitmesse für moderne Arbeitswelten. Insgesamt präsentierten 686 Unternehmen aus 43 Ländern ihre Produkte und Lösungen für die aktuellen und kommenden Anforderungen an unsere sich wandelnden Arbeitsumgebungen.

Oct 31 2022

With over 90 percent of exhibiting companies compared to the previous event and a international share of 78 percent, ORGATEC 2022 thus recorded a very good and international result at its restart after the forced break caused by the pandemic. But also in terms of content, ORGATEC was able to convince the approximately 45,000 trade visitors from over 130 countries. For Koelnmesse Managing Director Oliver Frese, this is the result of consistent conceptual development of the trade fair: "Even before the pandemic, the trade fair had successfully transformed itself into a theme- and solution-oriented industry event. This foresight is now paying off. This year, ORGATEC has impressively demonstrated its high relevance for the further development of the industry."

Around 45,000 trade visitors from over 130 countries attended ORGATEC © Koelnmesse

Trendsetting solutions

对于该行业,Ofgatec在很长一段时间内提供了第一个机会,以浓缩形式“ Live”提出可持续工作场所设计的想法。除个人交流外,参展商还希望贸易展览会为该行业未来的商业活动提供刺激。在IndustrieverbandBüround Arbeitswelt e Helmut Link的角度看,这些期望已超过了。v。:“这是领先的贸易展览会的感觉。《漫画2022》显然超出了我们的期望,无论是在访客的兴趣和讨论的强度方面。很少以前。”IBA成员公司的演讲也给他留下了深刻的印象,该公司为当前需求带来了极具创造性和前瞻性的解决方案。林克总结说:“因此,今年的高地人为应对现代工作世界的挑战做出了重大贡献。”


为了取得成功,还必须在参与行业的展台上反映出概念发展。显然,在Orgatec2022。这是因为参展公司利用了他们的创造力,并将自己展现为今年特别创新的。这也受到贸易访问者的好评。对于博士。马丁·克莱布林克(Martin Kleibrink),《高泰克》的相关性尤其是由于它作为行业聚会场所的功能和令人惊讶的灵感而导致的:“我总是在orgatec结识老朋友和新朋友。这适用于人民,但也适用于产品。这就是为什么我的原因。这就是为什么始终在高地呆了至少两天,因为我经常在吸引我的道路上的左右事物接近我。”这就是为什么来自瑞士温特瑟(Winterthur)的建筑师还喜欢邀请他的顾客参加贸易展览会,以“与他们分享他的灵感”。

Focus on hybrid and flexible working

除了在混合和灵活的工作和智能技术方面的最新发展外,今年的贸易展览的重点还包括可持续性。除了公司的演讲外,贸易展览会再次伴随着大量的国会,讨论论坛和专家谈判,作为顶级活动和国会计划的一部分,该计划的重点是现代工作的社会政治意义环境以及先前变化的影响以及当前发展对办公用户行为和公司策略的影响。一项新功能是由著名的建筑公司策划的博览会主题导游,并专门为建筑师为建筑师提供的同事们。访客的兴趣非常高 - 许多旅行仅在短时间后就预订了 - 显示了对贸易访问者获得技术精通的重要性,但同时个人对Orgatec 2022的主题的见解。

The socio-political significance of modern working environments was highlighted © Koelnmesse


The industry can be sure of the growing socio-political importance of the topic in the coming years. This is because, as part of a recent study conducted by the ORGATEC makers together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP and presented for the first time at the trade fair, around half of those surveyed said that the latest crises would probably have an impact on the future distribution of their working hours across different work locations. This shows: Even though we currently speak of a time "after the pandemic" in the context of work environments, there is no "new normal after the pandemic." This is because preferences as to how and where work is done in the future are subject to constant influences, and long-term developments are always affected by current events.

ORGATEC 2022 in numbers

  • 来自43个国家 /地区的686家公司(2018:749个来自39个国家 /地区的公司)参加了Orgatec 2022。
  • This included 153 exhibitors from Germany (2018: 181 exhibitors) and
  • 533家公司(2018:568公司),因此来自国外的78%(2018:76%)。
  • Estimates for the last day of the trade fair included, around 45,000 visitors from 130 countries were counted at ORGATEC 2022.*

The next ORGATEC - The Leading International Trade Fair for Modern Working Environments - will take place from October 22 to 26, 2024.

* All figures are calculated according to the guidelines of the Society for Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics (FKM) (www.fkm.de).