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节能灯 - 电力较少的好灯



Linija from Baltensweiler (Design: Baltensweiler)

Functional and efficient: in the Linija family, energy-efficient COB LEDs ensure optimum color rendering. In combination with the glass lens developed by Baltensweiler and the black anti-glare ring, they produce a pleasantly homogeneous light pattern. The two light heads of the free-standing luminaire can be switched on individually, adjusted to different positions and dimmed to save energy. Thus, the luminaire can be variably adjusted in just a few steps. Beyond its functionality, it serves with its clear and high-quality design as a decorative object in the office or in living rooms.

Linija floor lamp with energy-saving COB LEDs © Baltensweiler

Salt & Pepper by Tobias Grau (Design: Tobias Grau)

Long battery life: lighting manufacturer Tobias Grau is a pioneer in LED efficiency. In his portable battery light Salt &Pepper, he combines the shape of a classic hourglass with modern wireless technology. Battery life increases to up to 100 hours when the light is dimmed to conserve energy. At full power, it provides bright light for eight hours. The cone-shaped base with integrated rechargeable battery ensures a secure stand, and the surface of the luminaire head responds to touch like a touch dimmer, making light control as simple as it is intuitive.

Salt & Pepper - economical dimmable battery lamp © Tobias Grau

Cell Circle by Deblick (Design: Deblick)

Dynamic Lighting: Light color and light intensity can be conveniently and dynamically controlled via a touch panel in the Cell Circle ceiling lights. But not only that. If desired, the panel can also be used to set daily rhythms according to season or specific color schemes, thus contributing to personal well-being. The Cell Circle luminaire body is available with a black, white or gray surface. Its Dynamic Lighting is implemented with energy-saving, dimmable LEDs.

Dynamic Lighting via touch panel: Cell Circle © Deblick

Tracklight TL1 by LEDXON (Design: LEDXON)

Energy-saving store lighting: LEDXON produces energy-efficient lighting solutions especially for the point of sale and accompanies its customers during the realization, from the luminaire selection to the retail concept to the installation in the store. The Tracklight TL1 luminaire series has a clearly designed cylindrical shape made of aluminum with a matte surface, giving it a timelessly elegant appearance. The spotlights are equipped with energy-saving yet powerful and long-lasting COB LEDs. The uncomplicated installation is done with a power rail, which allows the luminaire to be moved as needed.

轨道灯TL1-商店的能源效率COB LED©LEDXON

Ayno Silk by Midgard (Design: Stefan Diez and Lina Fischer)

无工具可更换的LED:Midgard Ayno系列中的灯具对核心是可持续的。花丝和折叠的光源根本没有任何关节。它们的中心特征是薄而柔韧的玻璃纤维杆,其倾斜度和半径是通过两个无限可变的调节环调节的,它们之间伸展的纺织品带衬衫。节能LED和低压技术的使用使将电缆的直径降低到最低,并且锥形阴影由非常轻巧的可回收聚碳酸酯制成。借助插件连接,可以在没有工具的情况下安装灯具。这意味着最终客户可以更换灯具头,LED,变压器甚至整个电缆单元,包括开关,而无需几年后不必退还灯具。

Ayno Silk with replaceable LED unit © Midgard / Photo: Peter Fehrentz

Beads by Tonone (Design: Anton de Groof).
Durable LED ring: thanks to its minimalist design, the functional Beads series appears modern and powerful. With the LED ring, which can be individually tilted and dimmed in all directions, the light of the floor lamp can be directed exactly where it is needed. The Beads Floor is made of black powder-coated steel. It has a sturdy base and a dimmer on the cable cord. The built-in LEDs are energy efficient and long lasting. The family also includes table, pendant and wall lamps with the distinctive ring as the lamp head. The floor lamp is available both as uplight and downlight.


Author: Heike Edelmann