Nov 18 2020


近年来,Coworking一直是一个成功的模型。移动和灵活的工作方法已在许多领域建立。但是在实施这种概念时,尤其是鉴于科罗长大流行语的挑战是什么?我们与室内设计师Susanne Brandherm和Sabine Krumrey发表谈到了改变工作世界和设计行业的新要求。

您目前如何评估COWARKING的需求 - 也掌握了电晕大流行病?

Susanne Brandherm:近年来的需求显着发展。许多公司正在改变,并希望拥有现代化的工作环境。此外,人才竞争增加了demands on the office environment。年轻的公司和初创公司特别依靠移动工作,以确保良好的工作氛围。

Corona Pandemic似乎进一步改变了办公室的态度。灵活的工作模型变得更加重要,这可能是同伴地空间的优势。与家庭办公室相比,Coworking Spaces提供了分离工作和私人生活的可能性。他们还提供专业的环境,使社会交易所成为可能。

Helix Hub,柏林©Joachim Grothus


Sabine Krumrey: Companies are often used to traditional offices and when it comes to coworking they tend to think of office worlds like Google and Facebook. But that may not fit in with their own reality. In order to transfer internal processes from the old to the new working world, change management is usually required.


在室内设计方面,Coworking Spaces有哪些特殊要求?

Susanne Brandherm:在我们的设计中,灵活性尤为重要,以便能够对改变的工作形式作出反应。个人和团队合作,协作,专注或敏捷工作 - 室内设计必须考虑更改的工作方法。基本上,在餐饮和供应方面,现代的Coworking空间也非常重要。


Design Offices Cologne Gereon © Joachim Grothus/Design Offices GmbH


Sabine Krumrey: Basically, it should look less like a classic office and more like a cosy and comfortable space. We spend a lot of time at the workplace and should feel at home there. Furniture and equipment should be as variable as possible and be able to adapt quickly to changing situations. There should be enough space to move or relax. An outdoor area can serve as an extended working and retreat area.

在创建Coworking Spaces时,您如何与其他交易合作?

Susanne Brandherm: In most projects we select our favourite products within the framework of the conceptual design. If possible, we communicate directly with the manufacturers. For large projects, for example, 20 or more manufacturers are involved. Here, contract furnishing companies often act as an interface, supporting us in terms of technical details, design variants or delivery processes, for example.

The cooperation is usually so good that we act as a team with the designer in our dealings with the client. This creates additional trust, as we can thus offer the client joint know-how and a high degree of security in terms of costs and implementation.


Sabine Krumrey:一些公司目前似乎感到不安全。他们正在等着看他们的需求和空间需求如何发展。大流行可能导致现有结构和工作流程的重新思考。

Great flexibility for different ways of working is therefore becoming increasingly important. Our planning for offices enables a flexible design of the working environment. Current arrangements such as distances between workplaces or the enlargement of areas for meetings could be implemented quickly.

作者:Broekman +合作伙伴

©Patrick Lipke / Brandherm + KrumreySusanne BrandhermSabine Krumrey共同乘坐基于科隆和汉堡的兰德尔姆+克鲁米雷室内建筑办公室。

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